Yoga with Becca

Be strong

Be grounded

Feel alive

Hello, I'm Becca

I'm a London-based vinyasa flow yoga teacher, certified with Yoga Alliance US.

My classes are full of warmth and energy. I'm passionate about making the practice inclusive and available to everyone - beginners and advanced yogis alike.

For me, yoga can be transformative, allowing you to explore the quieter parts of the mind, as well as keeping your body fit and strong.   Get in touch and find out what the power of yoga can bring to your life.

What you can expect

Feel strong

Work your muscles, your core and your balance to build strength and flexibility

Feel grounded

Leave your day at the door and bring some awareness to your moment on the mat

Feel alive

Breathe life into your body! Leave the class feeling energised and positive

What I offer

Personal yoga classes

Find your own flow

One on one personalised yoga classes from £35/hour within London

Weekly yoga classes

Dynamic flow
Friday 7am-8am

Wellbeing95, Streatham Hill, London SW2 4UD

Workplace yoga

Help keep your employees healthy in body and mind

Workplace yoga classes at lunchtimes or after work from £40/hour within London

Get in touch

Send me a message

Vinyasa yoga classes

Tuesday at 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, Clapham North

Friday at 7am, Wellbeing95, Streatham Hill

Text or WhatsApp me to book your spot